Welcome to Paradise! Veranda Natural Resort, Kep

Veranda Natural Resort Kep

We arrived in Paradise at Veranda Natural Resort in Kep, after 11hours on the road. I had a hunch that we were heading into Paradise but hadn’t made too much of a fuss about it with the family….just in case (the internet can be wrong!) But as we turned into the fairy-light lit driveway my husband turned to me and said “Well if we’re not staying here, can we?” Ahhh, paradise!

Veranda Natural Resort is like one big, magnificent tree house. Wooden structures and big stone paths guide you between spaces that have been incredibly well thought out. Complete with two large swimming pools (and a couple of private ones), sea views and passionfruit vines it is nothing short of breathtaking. The photos on their website don’t do justice to the rambling wooden bridges and stone paths that create such a magical feeling here. Within half an hour of arriving, while the children were swimming in the pool, we were making arrangements to extend our stay.

Veranda Natural Resort Kep review

Veranda Natural Resort Kep review

Here we were a mere 10min walk to the Crab Market and a short tuk tuk ride to the beach though you really don’t need to leave here! After a couple of weeks in Cambodia exploring temples, delving into history and swimming with elephants we were well and truly ready for some chill time.

Veranda natural resort review

Veranda natural resort review

We stayed in the Family Ocean View room and when we were led into our area we couldn’t believe it was all for us!

Kep accommodation

For our final night we moved to the Wooden Cottage as this was our extra night and the Ocean View Suite was already booked. Again, we were awed by the size and details of the room. This is a seriously well thought out, carefully and beautifully designed place.

Family accommodation kep

One of the many things we loved at Veranda was ‘The Happy Hut’. A free daily space for children to make, play and have fun! Fully supervised by the hotel and provided to guests for free our kids loved going there and were disappointed that it was closed on our second day here. After weeks on the road to be in a space that was entirely kid oriented was a real treat for them! (And yes, we didn’t mind having an hour or so each day to chill by the pool in peace!)

Veranda natural resort kep

Best family accommodation kep Cambodia

Not only do they provide The Happy Hut but all the spaces have given thought to children and families. The pools both have a shallow kids area attached but also set apart from the deeper pool. The rooms have ample space for families and children are genuinely welcomed by the staff.

My only slight  criticism of the resort is that the food is average for the price (and a little slow, not that you really have anywhere to be!) While breakfast is lovely and was thoroughly enjoyed by us day for lunch and dinner you can get much better (and cheaper) meals down at the beach or along the waterfront at the Crab Market. Though to be fair, we have found that food in Cambodia is mostly excellent at both the very top end and bottom end of the scale, at the best restaurants and eating street food. You can also expect to pay a small fortune for poolside drinks, but then you’ll also get to drink them by the pool so…..!

Veranda Natural Resort review


Oh and if you do stay here, don’t come by tuk tuk. The resort is located at the top of a hill on an unsealed road and the tuk tuk’s can’t make it all the way to the top. Trust me, you don’t want to be hauling your luggage the last 50meters so come in by car.

We could all have happily have spent a lot longer that our 4 nights here. If you ever get a chance to visit then I hope you do!

Veranda Natural Resort Kep

Thank you Kep, you’ve been simply superb!

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