Is Netflix Original ‘Stranger Things’ on your must watch list yet? It should be, and here’s why.

This is the show that everyone is talking about and for good reason. After seeing it’s 5-star rating on Netflix we sat down to watch it last weekend. And wow. If it’s not already on your must-watch list then here’s why it should be. No spoilers! 1. The cast are incredible! After growing up watching […]

Meet A Maker: Marie Lewis from Synxsole

Today I am kicking off a new series for Skipping Girl called ‘Meet A Maker’. This is a chance to meet and support female lead Australian businesses; women who are kicking goals and bringing amazing innovation to our world. What I love about small business owners is how much they genuinely LOVE what they do. […]

13 of the best #CensusFail Memes…to get you through when the wine runs out.

Well, this is fun. I know, it seems hard to believe that the same people responsible for the NBN couldn’t get an entire nation of people to access the same website on the same day! Hmmm…..while we wait (first for the excuses and recriminations, I assume) and then for it to be sorted, we can […]

2 parts road rage, 1 part my-child-wet-the-bed

 In partnership with Thirsty Camel The hipster revolution. Love it or hate it, it’s brought some good things back into our consciousness.  The desire to be known, and to know people – to really know them – is one of its greatest contributions. But what about… Conscious consumerism? Shop Local? Buy Ethical? Are they catch-phrases of […]

5 ways modern expectations are ruining your life

slow living, building community, letting go of expectations

I recently read an article entitled 7 reasons your wife is stressed out all the time by Samantha Rodman and clicked on it because hey, I’m a wife and it’s easy to get stressed out. What I read quite honestly, horrified me. Four (and a half) of the seven reasons given related to the perceived judgement of […]