Is Netflix Original ‘Stranger Things’ on your must watch list yet? It should be, and here’s why.

This is the show that everyone is talking about and for good reason. After seeing it’s 5-star rating on Netflix we sat down to watch it last weekend. And wow.

If it’s not already on your must-watch list then here’s why it should be. No spoilers!

1. The cast are incredible! After growing up watching Winona Ryder films, it was so, so wonderful to see her again. And the boys…..Dustin, oh toothless Dustin…we loved you!

Watching this series it’s hard to fathom that these are children. The talent is breathtaking.

2. It’s Terrifying. I am not a horror film watcher and so I found Stranger Things to be terrifying…thanks to Twitter I can share with you what it was like for me to watch certain scenes….

And yet, I couldn’t actually look away. It was amazing. Amazingly terrifying and terrifyingly amazing!

3. The characters are stunning. I loved them. All of them. Even Steve.

I loved the way the characters wove together and the beautiful way the storyline of the adult experience and the child experience danced so beautifully together. I wanted to know all of them, and loved seeing them develop.

4. The soundtrack is brilliant and has already been added to my Spotify playlist. Every time I was about to lose it (because, terrifying!) the music would nail it. 

5. Cue Nostalgia. All the nostalgia.

As a child of the 80s this show has everything! Part coming of age, part terrifying nightmare Stranger Things is one of the most beautiful, captivating (and yes, terrifying – did I mention that already?!) shows I have watched in a long time.

Watch it. Savour it. Then come and tell me if you loved it too! xx

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