Could a messy house actually be a good thing?

i hate housework

Annabel Crabb once wrote, “If as a mother, there’s one little tip you can pass on to your daughter that might help her enjoy a productive, happy and neurosis-free life, I reckon it’s this: don’t tidy your room.” And I wish I’d taken a photo of my living room yesterday afternoon so you could see […]

Courage is what counts – the resilient kids movement.

resilience in kids

The other week I found myself looking into some team sport options for my kids. I’m a first timer on this front and so I found myself in some of the most unexpected conversations. During one conversation in particular, I was assured multiple times, that their club was not competitive; that the children would not be […]

13 of the best #CensusFail Memes…to get you through when the wine runs out.

Well, this is fun. I know, it seems hard to believe that the same people responsible for the NBN couldn’t get an entire nation of people to access the same website on the same day! Hmmm…..while we wait (first for the excuses and recriminations, I assume) and then for it to be sorted, we can […]