I hate housework, and other motherhood confessions

i hate housework

Annabel Crabb once wrote, “If as a mother, there’s one little tip you can pass on to your daughter that might help her enjoy a productive, happy and neurosis-free life, I reckon it’s this: don’t tidy your room.” And I wish I’d taken a photo of my living room yesterday afternoon so you could see […]

Is it normal for my partner to get 'that' angry?" 12 things all Australians should know about Domestic Abuse

helping a friend in a bad relationship

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about love after kids and the very real challenges couples can face as they transition from a party of two to three or more. I know, from the feedback you sent me, that this resonated strongly and for that, I am so thankful. There was however, a big elephant in […]

2 parts road rage, 1 part my-child-wet-the-bed

 In partnership with Thirsty Camel The hipster revolution. Love it or hate it, it’s brought some good things back into our consciousness.  The desire to be known, and to know people – to really know them – is one of its greatest contributions. But what about… Conscious consumerism? Shop Local? Buy Ethical? Are they catch-phrases of […]

5 ways modern expectations are ruining your life

slow living, building community, letting go of expectations

I recently read an article entitled 7 reasons your wife is stressed out all the time by Samantha Rodman and clicked on it because hey, I’m a wife and it’s easy to get stressed out. What I read quite honestly, horrified me. Four (and a half) of the seven reasons given related to the perceived judgement of […]