Planning your next family holiday? Put Cambodia on the list!

Cambodia with kids

Thinking of going to Cambodia with kids or just daydreaming about your next holiday? You’ve come to the right place! We just spent 23 days exploring the country (this was our itinerary) and here’s what I can tell you. During our time there we…

  • Clamoured around the temples of Angkor.
  • Walked with, fed all manner of animal (my son even fed a leopard – true story!) in a wildlife rescue sanctuary outside Phnom Penh
  • Visited the sombre war museums in Phnom Penh and learnt more about the country under Pol Pot
  • Walked with, fed and SWAM WITH elephants in a rescue sanctuary (one of the most incredible experiences of my life!)
  • Swam in a waterfall
  • Ate incredible food at foodie restaurants in Siem Reap, on the street in Phnom Penh and in the Crab Market in Kep.
  • Ate a crispy Tarantula!)
  • Hit up a number of wet markets and saw so many foods we’d never seen before (and ate some good ones too!)
  • Hung out at idyllic beaches
  • Hung out in Paradise
  • Swam with bio luminescent plankton
  • Snorkelled amongst a coral reef, surrounded by beautiful and colourful fish
  • Set off our own firecrackers on a beach just after sunset
  • Had some clothes made (because shopping is always fun!)

Cambodia is an incredible place and Cambodia with kids? Well, it’s just next level! Every stop we had I thought “wow, this is a real highlight of the trip” and then we’d move on to our next stop as just as I was thinking “Wow, this is such a highlight!” I’d realise it was actually ANOTHER highlight in a long, magnificent string of them!

Angkor Wat at Sunrise

Psar Leu Market BReakfast Siem Reap

So, if you love….

  • adventure
  • history
  • food
  • beaches
  • animals
  • food (yep, I know that’s on here twice)

….then yes, yes you really should visit Cambodia (with kids, if you have them)!

We spent just over three weeks there, with our three children aged 8, 6 and 4 and loved every minute of it. (Can we go back already, please?!)

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  1. I love Cambodia! I met my husband there years ago and I also want to take our children there one day! Good to hear that someone else has been there with kids and enjoyed. Wasn’t sure how it would be with kids.. 🙂

    1. says: Reply

      Oh wow, what a special place for you guys Emmi! As you can probably tell, we all LOVED it. What an amazing place to take kids – they talk about it constantly. I feel so grateful to have had the experience, I hope you get to go back there and take a brood with you one day too! x

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