13 of the best #CensusFail Memes…to get you through when the wine runs out.

Well, this is fun.

I know, it seems hard to believe that the same people responsible for the NBN couldn’t get an entire nation of people to access the same website on the same day! Hmmm…..while we wait (first for the excuses and recriminations, I assume) and then for it to be sorted, we can all say a massive thank you to the good people of Twitter for nailing it so well…

Ah, Homer….always there for us in our times of need.


2. And again with Homer…

3. Bahahaha! Does anyone else feel like this show skates pretty close to the truth?

4. Oh I am so glad somewhere went here….Computer says NO!

5. Do not panic, I repeat, do not panic.

6. Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

7. Indeed

8. Who would have imagined this?!!

9. Sigh….

10. And yep, this seems about right.

11. Busted!

12. Ah, now it all makes sense!

123. Yep, pass the wine please.

14. And I know I promised you 13 but, look! Oh dear….

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